PG Krete

PG Krete

D1 Nano has witnessed significant benefits when Pristine Graphene (PG) is added to cement.

Cement + Pristine Graphene
Testing Results

Cement Slurry Details: 

  • Slurry was prepared according to API-SPEC10
  • Oilwell Class G 0:1:0 without any additives – other than PG
  • Density was 1900 kg/m³(15.8 ppg)



  • Early strength development is significant
  • Improved slurry dispersion for reduced viscosity
  • Significant improvement in compressive strength
  • Does not “shatter” into small fragments during “crushing the cube” test – rather stays together due to the PG structural bonding properties
  • Can we add aggregate to use less cement for greener cement
  • Reduced pump pressures for less kW/HP required – reduced carbon footprint
  • Earlier drill outs and rig moves
  • Improved wellbore cleanout
  • Great candidate for whipstock applications
  • No shattering, reduced permeability in the structure, therefore reduced gas migration concerns.
  • Reduced GHG emissions
  • Use this technology inside the ESG statement